A Cut Above

My journey toward becoming a hair stylist began as a little girl. I loved getting my hair done and doing everyone else's hair. Not much has changed. I've been fortunate enough to have worked as a professional hair stylist for the last 8 years, currently at an amazing salon in RSM. Formal styling, color, and extensions are my fav, but I truly love it all.

Sugar High

My sweet tooth has developed over the years from drinking cactus cooler with a red vines straw to bittersweet chocolate cupcakes frosted with salted carmel buttercream. While all sugary treats make me smile, cupcakes hold a special place in my heart and tummy.


Hi, I'm Jenni. A movie, book, and food dork. Married for 7 years to my favorite red beard. Mama to Riley since March 19, 2010. Mama-to-be to a little princess, Lucy in February 2012. Hair stylist to the stars, or maybe just regular peeps at a nice salon. And away we go . . .

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Happy 3 Years Riley!

*(Yes, this letter is late again, busy with “Adkins Birthday Mania Month” and Easter was 2 days ago.) Dear Riley, Happy 3rd Birthday my precious boy Riley! You have grown up so much in this past year! You are so smart! You love reading books, playing with trains, (You are crazy about Thomas the Train and all of his friends!), coloring, ...

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