Baked Blueberry Pancake Donuts

Mmmm. Donuts.

Not just any donuts, but donuts that taste like you’re biting into a nice, big, fluffy blueberry pancake with tons of maple syrup. I myself am a pancake lover, so these donuts really hit the spot for me. And they’re baked, so they’re healthy right? ::she chuckles to herself::

The frozen wild boreal blueberries from Trader Joe’s are perfect for this recipe because they’re nice and teeny, so you get some in every bite, and if you add them frozen you won’t get gray donuts.

We’re still on “Candy Movie” for right now, so it’s another movie-free donut post. But you know kids; especially 2 1/2 year olds, their interests are quite fickle, so hopefully we’ll move on to another movie soon :)

This recipe was just perfect for achieving my blueberry donut, but I subbed out the lemon glaze for maple one, to achieve true pancakeness, (that’s a word right?).

Baked Blueberry Pancake Donuts

baked blueberry pancake donuts

Just like a blueberry pancake, mmmm!


2 cups cake flour
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. nutmeg + 1/2 tsp. cinnamon, (I omitted the lemon zest from 1 lemon that was in the original recipe, to make these more pancakey)
3/4 cup milk
2 eggs, lightly beaten
2 Tbsp. butter
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 cup frozen blueberries, (Trader Joe’s frozen wild boreal blueberries are perfect for these donuts)

Maple Glaze:
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 Tbsp. milk
2-3 Tbsp. real maple syrup
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract


Whisk together the cake flour, sugar, baking powder and salt into a large bowl.  Add in the cinnamon and nutmeg and whisk this into your dry ingredients. Pour in the milk, eggs, butter, and vanilla extract. Gently mix the ingredients together. Be careful not to over-mix the batter. Fold in the blueberries carefully. Lightly grease a doughnut pan with non-stick cooking spray. Using a cookie scoop, put 2 scoops of batter into each well. Bake the doughnuts at 375 degrees F for 9-11 minutes. The donuts will remain light in color, but should spring back when pressed.

For the glaze: Put the powdered sugar in a bowl. Add in the maple syrup, milk and vanilla extract. Whisk to combine. If the glaze is too thick, add additional milk until desired consistency is reached.

Once the doughnuts are done baking, let them cool in the doughnut pan for 2 minutes. Let cool completely on a cooling rack set over a cookie sheet.  Dip one side of each doughnut in the glaze. Allow the glaze on the doughnuts to set and serve immediately, (or dip them warm and enjoy with a nice, big cup of coffee).

Serving Size: 18 donuts, (original recipe said you would get 12, so I got 6 extra, yay!)